The challenges of industrial lighting



Since 2020, the price of LED lighting products has started to rise, with an overall increase of about 5-8%. Among them, the raw materials rose more, the overall price of LED chips is about 10%~20%, copper wire, led driver, terminals and other materials also rose more.

  It is attributed to that some Chinese LED chip manufacturers gradually withdraw from the low-end LED chip market due to the fierce price competition of low-end LED chips. At the same time, the price of copper has also risen a lot, resulting in a reduction in the supply of some specifications of led products, coupled with the reduction of terminal inventory and the return of international market demand.

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In the future, the market driving force of the lighting industry mainly comes from higher energy efficiency, lower cost, lighter weight, smaller size, easier installation of lighting devices, and more convenient intelligent control. With the development of IoT technology, intelligent control will become the main driving force of the future market.


In terms of health and safety, at the same time, the next generation of LED lighting products must have higher quality (reflected by contrast, brightness, etc.), more comfortable, etc.

By observing the revenue of lighting manufacturers, under the dual influence of trade conflict and COVID-19, led lighting manufacturers will face a more severe market test in lighting revenue performance. With the increasing demand for intelligent lighting products, most manufacturers will continue to deepen the cultivation of professional lighting and intelligent lighting market.

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Post time: May-19-2022