IP20 Indoor Tri-Colour LED Batten Light

This led surface fixture is designed for quick installation and easy maintenance, widely used in warehouse, fire stair, corridor, residential and so on.


Our R&D has made new model for this indoor batten light and tested for 2 years. In order to solve the different CCT in one luminaire demand from different customers, we made a CCT switcher that could change the colour temperature DIY. During this period, we used many detecting instruments to ensure the performance and functions of led fitting, Such as: Automatic Aging Machine, Thermostatic Machine, SMT Machine, Integrating Sphere, Temperature Humidity Programmable Chamber and so on.

IP20-2 IP20-3

What’s more! IP20 indoor led batten owns some suitable designs and practical functions:

1. How to install quickly and maintenance easily?

Adopt latch type of luminaire structure.

2. Which Functions?

Support Emergency, Dimming Sensor, CCT change, Linkable Wire.

3. How to replace components?

Adopt clipped led driver and clipped emergency battery housing.

4. How change the colour temperature?

DIY by CCT switcher.

5. Dimming sensor type?

Automatically, Microwave 5.8GHz, 3 stepped(Such as: 100% – 20% – OFF)

6. Battery backup type?

LiFePO4 battery, Emergency initial time: 3 hours+ at 3w.

7. Installation type?

Surface Mounted, Suspended, Linkable.

8. Linkable Max?

Max 50m.

9. Lumen Efficacy?

120 lm/w or 140/w version.

10. Warranty?

5 years for luminaire, 1 year for battery(used around 3 years).

This Tri-colour led batten could help some customers to change a suitable colour temperature by themself and don’t need order a large number professional colour temperature led linear fixture. Meanwhile, meet requirements of daily lighting, temporary lighting or energy saving systems.

Welcome to consult and visit our factory. We are a professional manufacturer that focused on led linear fixture for more than ten years. You could trust our professional production lines, QC department, R&D and Sales Team.

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Post time: Dec-21-2021