Smart lighting will assume more functions in the city


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With the gradual popularization of vaccines in various countries, the market economy began to recover. Since this year, LED general lighting market demand recovery.

The main growth drivers come from four factors:

1.With the gradual popularization of vaccines in various countries, the market economy has gradually recovered, especially the rapid recovery of commercial, outdoor and engineering lighting.

2.LED lighting product price increase: Under the pressure of the rising cost of raw materials, lighting brand manufacturers continue to increase the price of their products, with an increase of 5-15%.

3.Under the support of the policies of energy conservation and emission reduction in various countries around the world, in order to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", LED energy-saving transformation projects are gradually carried out, and LED lighting penetration continues to improve. According to trend, LED lighting market penetration will increase to 59% in 2022.

4.Under the epidemic situation, LED Lighting manufacturers will accelerate their Lighting layout toward digital intelligent dimming control. In the future, the Lighting industry will also pay more attention to the systematization of Connected Lighting of products and the added value brought by human health Lighting.

The penetration rate of smart lighting is constantly improving

In order to alleviate economic difficulties, governments of various countries have increased infrastructure construction, including North America and China, where roads are a major part of social infrastructure investment expenditure. In addition, with the increase of penetration rate and price adjustment of smart luminaires, trend Is expected to grow by 20% in 2022. The compound growth rate (CAGR) for 2020-2025 will be 14.7%, higher than the overall general lighting average.

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Post time: May-13-2022