The production and price of led lighting tend to stabilize



During 2021, in the context of the severe impact of COVID-19 on the global market and the increasingly complex environment, the company of LED lighting industry faced great raw material shortage and price upward pressure, and once showed strong resilience and growth potential due to the impact of the recovery of overseas markets. Under the impact of supply chain and transportation costs, COMLED TECHBOLOGY has made corresponding adjustments to cope with the longer supply cycle of raw materials and high shipping costs.
In terms of freight, because the main markets in Europe and America at present, the freight is mainly the freight of sea transportation, and the freight has dropped by 10% to 20%. The drop of upstream chip price and the drop of shipping freight price have a good impact on the cost reduction and efficiency increase of enterprises.


At 2022, the production and raw material cycle of LED lighting industry has been extended due to the repeated impact of domestic epidemic on enterprise production and material supply.
However, from May, LED lighting industry also began to pick up gradually. At present, the whole supply chain has fully returned to normal, which is conducive to the recovery of capacity and the development of the whole industry. Overseas because after the return to normal, it takes the lead in the construction of network celebrity (punch landmark), people (diversion), business (value), consumption (new model), the world is such a model.
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Post time: Jun-11-2022